Weekend whimsy

I'm not a huge fan of chocolate, so when Easter comes around each year I generally treat myself to some stuff I'll enjoy... Like new watercolours! This year I splashed out on the limited edition range of Twilight inspired colours in Winsor & Newton's Professional range of watercolours. They blend beautifully and all complement one another.

I made this little piece today, on Easter Sunday and simply felt like sharing a little something whimsical with you all. Peace.

Coffee Scribbles: New prints on the way!

A while back I was stuck for ideas, I wanted to be creative but nothing was coming to me. However, after I turned a dirty coffee ring stain into a man on a penny farthing, I was off and drawing! Like Forest Gump, I just kept on drawing... and drawing some more. A little creative side project called 'Coffee Scribbles' was born. 

I also developed my drawings into a kids picture book concept. Hopefully one day it'll be published. In the meantime, you'll soon be able to purchase Coffee Scribbles cards from my Shop. Buy one for yourself, someone who loves coffee or for that strange relative that's impossible to buy for.

Hey mum, what's sharpie dancing?

Our mum was once a 'sharpie'. When we asked, 'hey mum, show us some sharpie dancing', she refused. Instead dad led us to some fine examples on YouTube. Here's hoping we can get her to demonstrate her dancing prowess on Christmas day, possibly after a few champas. In the meantime, click play below, and enjoy!


Festive Notes

Oh how I wish I could visit this place right now to stock up on festive treats. While you can buy them online, that experience doesn't quite look as though it matches visiting this warehouse in person; possibly the greatest warehouse ever. I'll get there one day...