Festive Notes

Oh how I wish I could visit this place right now to stock up on festive treats. While you can buy them online, that experience doesn't quite look as though it matches visiting this warehouse in person; possibly the greatest warehouse ever. I'll get there one day...

Design Thinking?

Design Thinking has gained popularity over the last few years. From classrooms to corporate boardrooms, Design Thinking is being used as a strategy to solve problems through tools to initiate creative ideas and solutions. Here's a short four minute introduction to Design Thinking, and if you own a Fitbit or Apple watch, these guys were way ahead of them!

After watching that you may be thinking, 'So, it all sounds and looks awesome, but how can I actually use it in my classroom (if you're a teacher), in my folio (if you're a student) or in a corporate boardroom? How can I actually facilitate Design Thinking?' Design Thinking can be a great launching pad for innovative, creative ideas if you have the right tools.

To get started, here's a free download of one of these tools (SCAMPER) below. At first SCAMPER can seem tricky, and can be difficult to explain, but with practice its a great way to begin thinking differently, particularly in the early stages of the design process.

Download SCAMPER poster

Some people would argue that they're not at all 'creative'. And while its true that not everyone can draw like Da Vinci or have a mind that works like his did, Design Thinking tools really level the playing field, allowing anyone, regardless of their ability to think about solving problems in creative ways.

The video above mentioned that the design team iterated using simple materials like cardboard to build mock-up physical devices. Nintendo recently announced a similar approach... Quite literally!

Nintendo are clearly implementing Design Thinking in a fun way. They've also truly differentiated themselves from competitors in the entertainment industry through their creativity.

So when you're next stuck for ideas, or are looking for a new way forward, start your process with Design Thinking.

Minimalism - The Film

In my journal entry at the beginning of the year I mentioned a personal goal I wanted to work towards in 2016, 'to live with less'. Four simple words, but no easy feat! However, during January I started that process, and quickly realised that making a shift toward living a more minimal lifestyle isn't a change that would magically happen overnight. Instead, it would take time, just as forming regular exercise habits take time to become part of a daily routine.

A source of inspiration over the past three months has been Essential: Essays by The Minimalists. I've been reading it on my Kindle and it's well worth purchasing. In small, bite sized articles, both Joshua Fields Millburn and Ryan Nicodemus take you on a short journey through minimalist lifestyle philosophy and where it all sits within the context of our multi-faceted daily lives.

Here's hoping their new documentary will be available online for worldwide viewing soon. The trailer for their new film looks really interesting, it immediately struck a chord with me. Particularly in terms of our seemingly normal compulsion to consume. Seeing this may even pique your interest to consider shedding some of the 'stuff' holding you back.

To read more, go to The Minimalists.com