First Day of Winter

Ages ago I pondered whether or not I should get an iPad Pro. I mainly wanted one for its compatibility with the Apple pencil and the Procreate app. As an analogue guy at heart, I decided against it. Although just recently I succumbed to temptation and splashed out and bought one. In terms of how busy I've been recently, and the fact that I've rarely been in a space to spread out, work and leave my gear lying around, it has been the perfect take-anywhere creative studio. I'll admit that using real art mediums still feels more romantic, and there's a rewarding tactile quality you get from scratching around on a bit of paper with a pencil that you can't replicate with a plastic stylus on a bit of glass. 

I decided on the 12" model and it gives enough space to work without feeling restricted. Working with the Procreate app feels a lot like working in Photoshop and more natural than working with other drawing tablet devices. 

I've been working on a number of pieces, and to celebrate the first day of Winter yesterday, I spend around 45 minutes drawing this piece below last night in front of the fireplace. So find a blanket, rug up, hit play and enjoy this little time-lapse!