An inch a day

If you’re following me on my social accounts (instagram, facebook or twitter) you will have seen my tiny 1 x 1 inch drawings each day this month during September. This was a challenge from The House of Illustration for creatives or anyone willing to have a go and take part.

The challenge was inspired by John Vernon Lord who, in 2016, did a drawing for every single day of the year. Each one was just one-inch squared and made with pen and ink on paper. 

"Every day of 2016 I would do a drawing of something that occurred to me on the spur of the moment. The exercise was done for the fun of drawing - the liberation of drawing 'for the sake of it' is always something of a relief compared to the exacting challenge of illustrating professionally." - John Vernon Lord

So far I’ve found this to be a great daily exercise and I’m considering what to do with them all when I’m done at the end of the month, which isn’t far away. Possibly a numbered, limited edition run of prints… Stay tuned for more info soon! If you’d like to find out more, feel free to subscribe below.

Also, a few people have asked how they’re made and if they’re actually only 1 inch big… Yep, they sure are. They’re tiny! I’ve been placing a pencil in the photo of each illustration I’ve shared as a reference for their small scale.

In terms of making them, I’ve mostly been using superfine dip pen nibs, black Indian ink, watercolour and a hint of coloured pencil to make them pop. I’ll gather some specifics on the products I mostly use for illustration and will share them in a future blog post.