Lunch at Coral Lee

corallee Today I had lunch with Coral Lee. "Who's Coral Lee? Is it your grandma?" I hear you ask... Well, to be honest, I have no idea who Coral Lee is, but its the name of pretty funky little cafe in the sleepy alpine town of Bright in North East Victoria. And while Coral Lee isn't my grandma, I certainly felt like I was dining at my grandma's place. The little cafe is decked out with retro kitchenware, wallpaper taken straight from the 50's (I think), and some very chilled vinyl tunes. Yep, that's right, real vinyl records. Oh, and there's also some really cool vintage advertising (think old Women's Weekly style stuff) framed on the walls to polish off the aesthetic. The cafe is a little like stepping inside an issue of Frankie mag, only better, because its real.

If you haven't seen your gran' for while, stop by Coral Lee for some homestyle charm... Only the coffee at Coral Lee's place is way better than a cup of International Roast from your nan, and the mint salad is truly delicious. It's dressed with a super-secret dressing recipe made at the cafe. People go to Coral Lee just to buy a jar. While I'm no cravat-wearing restaurant critic, I know a good salad, and their salad is bliss. After each spoonful, I'm sure it was giving my digestive system a lovely warm nanna hug.

Anyway, I've adopted Coral Lee as my surrogate nan. I have no idea who she is, but I'll make sure I visit again soon... I promise nan.

Here are the details: Coral Lee - food made by hand 8 Barnard St Bright 3741 Ph: 03 5755 5113