The Silly Season


The silly season (otherwise known as 'Christmas') is now well and truly upon us. Apparently Christmas is all about the birth of Christ, but the mags that arrive in my weekend paper seem to suggest that its more about buying expensive useless junk for people just because we're expected to.

Sorry for being a bah-humbug, but at times Christmas really gets me down a bit. I often feel great pressure when it comes to buying gifts; advertising suggests that if we 'truly' love/care about someone, we'll match how we feel about them with the gifts we buy. I received a marketing email this afternoon that went something like, 'Say NO to socks and jocks!'

Now, I know socks and jocks are a bit boring, but they're practical and we need them right? So essentially they're not that bad!

This year I promised myself that rather than focussing on buying the perfect gifts for my family members, I'm going to instead focus on spending quality time with the people I care about, and the people that care about me...

...But only after I've completed my Christmas shopping.