Rendered Game Boy Micro

As a high school student, when I was in about Year 8, I remember the school Art Department received a sample delivery of a whole bunch of fancy marker equipment, otherwise known as 'Copic Markers'. They sent them a bundle of markers and a really neat mini compressor and airbrush attachment, I was fascinated with it! I've recently been learning to use these cool arty tools, as I can now actually afford to buy the things. I'm also keen to use them well so that I can teach my students how to use them too.

Here's a small piece I drew up this afternoon. I love how marker drawings look kind of old-school. They're reminiscent of the days when graphic design was almost entirely hands-on, without the aid of computer programs like Photoshop. My drawing below isn't perfect, but I'm getting there. I might post a tutorial when I perfect my skills.